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Who are we?

Before there was Big Time Music Trade Magazine, Doug Papa wrote for two other Maine music magazines.  One was Obscure Magazine - Promoting Maine's Original Musicians & Songwriters.  Printed from August 1993 to April 1994.  Doug Papa appeared in 7 of the 9 issues. 
   In 1996 A magazine called EGG, a Maine Mu'zine had a quarterly Magazine.  Doug Papa appeared in issue 2's front page with an article called "DOUG." (DOUG...Alternative Medicine for Musicians.)  When Doug Papa did not appear in any other issues he sent a letter to the Publisher.  In that letter was a choice :  " Either put me in the next issue, or I will start my own Music Magazine." 
When Doug Papa was not published in the following issue, that casted the mold.  One year later Doug Papa started Big Time Music Trade Magazine. 
   Here is the Articles from those Magazines.  ( Since a magazine called EGG didn't copywrite the second issue, here is my article. )

The Occupy Augusta Interviews, parts 1-4 Originated on a different online magazine, before being transferred here.