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Occupy Augusta Interviews Part 3 Posted December 27th, 2011

This is part Three of ongoing  interviews.  Part four will be sometime in January.


Interview with Adrienne Bennett.  Governor of Maine Press Secretary.


Q :  “So you said the Governor is sad to see Darryl Brown leave.”


A :  “Absolutely.  The Governor is sad to see Darryl Brown go.  He’s been impressed by Darryl Brown.  Not only his ability to do what he has been asked to do, in such a short term, but for his willingness to do so.  He understood it was a short term task, and he completed that and the Governor is very grateful for that.  We’re fortunate to of had him on the team, so we wish him the very best.”


Q :  “Do you have any hopefuls for his replacement?”


A :  “No.  At this point it’s too early to say.”


Q :  “Now is the office getting re-arranged somehow, or morphed into another Agency?  I heard that on A.M. Radio and I just wanted to see if I can get that clarified.”


A :  “Yes there is an ‘re-org,’ plan that was in the Biennial budget, and you can find the information there.”


Q :  “O.K., so they plan on just moving the Department into another Department?”


A :  “Not moving the Department.  Moving the functions to within other Departments.  That is part of the re-organization plan, and actually the elimination of the State Planning Office.  So that’s in the works and the Legislature will be coming up on December 1st.”


Q :  “Was there a Press statement about the incident that happened at the Governor’s Mansion yesterday, with the ‘Occupy Augustas’?”


A :  “No.”


Q :  “O.K. and does the Governor have anything to say about the proposed Gas pipeline from Juniper Ridge Landfill going to U.M.O.?”


A :  “Not at this time.”


Interview with Jim Freeman.


Q :  “O.K. Jim, what’s going on with the possible eviction that was in the newspaper?”


A :  “Well, I’m meeting with Capital security this morning.”


Q :  “O.K..”


A :  “In about 15 minutes.  What we are allowed to do is have either this Cabela tent, which is a Winter tent, or the tee-pee, which is also Winterized.  They said we can have one structure.  Everything has to come down.  We can’t stay here overnight, and we need a permit.  So, we’re not going to get a permit, and we’re going to tell them…”


Q :  “Are you sure?  Because, I talked to… I was over there talking to him and he said:  ‘All questions have to be referred to Public Safety, Steve McClausland.’  I think he’s in charge of who gets a permit here, because that’s the Department of Public Safety.”


A :  “This is Capital Security.  This is under the auspices of the Capital.  Capital Security controls this park.  So yeah, I don’t know who we have to get a permit through, but we’re not going to get a permit.  And we’re going to ask to keep the two Winter tents.  The other tents were Summer tents anyway.  We’re going to take them down./  So this kind of, you know, makes us do it earlier than we were.  But, we don’t have a problem taking down the other tents, and we moved our kitchen off site.  But, we’re here.  We’ll see what happens.  If we’ll have a bunch of people come here tonight, if they want to bust down the camp.  Then we’re prepared for that.”


Q :  “O.K..  Now are you aware that Darryl Brown’s going to be leaving as Commissioner of the State Planning Office?”


A :  “Yeah.  We’re happy about that.  (Chuckles.)  Because, we think he’s pretty corrupt.  And he’s hand in hand with Casella over the solid waste issue and the Juniper Ridge Landfill in West Old Town.  We feel that’s a totally corrupt deal and he’s hand in hand with the dump people.  So, we’re glad he’s leaving and we feel he should leave.”


Q :  “Now are you familiar with the ‘Trash / Gas,’ Pipeline they are proposing from the Dump to the University of Maine at Orono?”


A :  “We are.  We are, and we’re not too excited about that either.  You know, because it will bring more trash.  The dump in West Old Town is big enough to last the State of Maine 50 years.  You know without the out of State construction demolition debris coming into the State.  That’s what’s exasperating it, and making it need to have expansion way sooner than they said.  And this is against the Law.  You’re not allowed to bring construction demolition debris into the State.”


Q :  “Well, they changed it.”


A :  “They did change.  They allow it to come in, but it has to be processed.  It’s processed in Auburn.  Which a 2’ X 4’ can be moved and it’s considered as ‘Maine Waste.’  That’s illegal, you know.  So we followed trucks that don’t even stop at Auburn.  They just go from Massachusetts or Connecticut and just go right up to Juniper Ridge.  So we know they are violating the Law.”


Q :  “I interviewed Nancy Oden, and she said allegedly there’s trucks coming in from Colorado, going to the dump in Norridgewock, which is owned by Waste Management.”


A :  “Right.”


Q :  “Are you familiar that Waste Management is also the World’s dealer in Chemical and Nuclear Waste?”


A :  “Oh yeah!  Oh no, we don’t like them either.  But you know, we can only focus on so much.  We know that they’re carrying bio-medical waste and stuff at that dump, and it’s totally, totally ridiculous.  We know the liner is leaking in that dump, going right into the Sand River.”


Q :  “Wow!”


A :  “There’s a double plastic liner.  There’s a liner with sand, and another liner and we know that’s leaking and has leaches going right into the Sand River.  So…Yeah.  We’re trying to do as much as we can.  That’s part of what this is all about.  It’s the corruption in State Government.  It’s the Lobbyists, you know, running the show, really.  And so, until we stop that, it’s going to get worse and worse, and so, it’s part of the corporate takeover.”


Q :  “And how do you feel that allegedly, 22 years ago, Pattie Aho whose the Commissioner…”


A :  “I know Pattie Aho.”


Q :  “…Was an attack dog Lawyer for the dumps, when 22 years ago for Township 30, when they spent 3 ½ on their side and Nancy Oden and her crew spent like $75,000 that actually stopped the dump.  Isn’t that ironic that we got someone like that at the Department of…”


A :  “Well, she comes right out of Pierce Atwood.  She’s a Lobbyist form Pierce Atwood.  So that’s exactly what I’m talking about.  Then you got Preti and Flaherty, and they’re the ‘one stop shopping,’ for you know, they’re working for Plum Creek, different people.  It’s just that, that’s exactly what we’re here for.”


Q :  “And isn’t it weird that the Commissioner before Pattie Aho was also a former Lawyer for Pierce Atwood?”


A :  “Of course.  Of course.  You know that’s how it works.  It’s who funds LePage / who funded Baldacci.  They’re all the same.  I don’t think there’s any difference between Republicans and Democrats, really.  You know?  It’s just who pays who.”


Q :  “So like a ‘World Wide Federation,’ wrestling match of, ‘they are all suppose to hate each other in front of the stage.  But behind the scenes, they all get along?”’


A :  “They’re all ‘Happy Campers.’ (Laughs.)  We’re not too happy campers right now.  We don’t like that.  We feel that what happened here is that Homeland Security, called different State Governors and said: ‘It’s time to break up the camps.’  Because it’s happening in 15, 16 different spots around the Country.  Including Los Angeles, San Diego and Philadelphia.”


Q :  “Well, allegedly, I heard on infowars .com, that it was the Department of Justice that did that.”


A :  “I don’t know.  I’ve heard both.  But, I’ve heard Homeland Security of the Justice Department, but it could be either.  But, it doesn’t matter.  It’s coming from the Obama Administration who should be supporting us.  But, he’s working for Goldman Sach’s, so it’s all the same.”  (Chuckles.)


Q :  “Right.  Let me ask you this question, getting back to Pattie Aho.  Do you think that governor LePage knew about her background, when he appointed her, or do you think he was just a ‘big city guy,’ that just came into Augusta and had no idea who the heck she was.  Then said: ‘Sure, she sounds good to head up the Department of Environmental Protection for the State of Maine.’?”


A  :  “I think he knows exactly who Patricia Aho is.” (Laughs.)


Q :  “Really?”


A :  “Yeah.  I mean, what happened in the last Administration, Severin Beliveau, who runs Preti, Flaherty and Beliveau, would actually appoint the Commissioners.  He funded Baldacci to get elected.  He recommended different Commissioners that worked for him.  Right now the Council for the Democratic Party works for Severin Beliveau.  The Council for the Republican Party works for Severin Beliveau.  That’s why I say, there is no difference.  They’re all…you know, they have meetings together.  They talk about, ‘how they’re going to…’  and then they make it look like there’s differences.  But there’s not.  Of course Patrica Aho is put there on purpose.  You know, she actually at one meeting said she found that ‘there was no conflict of interest.”’


Q :  “No conflict of interest?!”


A :  “She had no conflict of interest.  But that’s what ‘she found.’  That there was no conflict of interest.  Not the public.”


Q :  “Right.  Right.  O.K…(talking under breath.)  Holy Moley!  So, Ah, Ah, Ah…Is there any other issues that you folks are protesting about, besides the dump issue?”


A :  “Well, I don’t know if we’re protesting.  We have an ongoing event here, just to protest the corruption and the corporate takeover.  But there’s other issues, like the ‘East-West Highway,’ that they want to run form Calais Maine to Coburn Gore.  That’s totally corrupt.  That just going to expedite raw materials leaving the State.  It’s all a downward trend,  ‘Race to the bottom.’ And so, we’re fighting a lot of things.  We’re fighting water extradition.  Which is another huge issue for us.”


Q :  “Now is that the Nestle Company?”


A :  “It’s Nestle.  But it’s also going to be bigger companies come in and they are going to have a pipeline going to Nova Scotia, to pump fresh water to Europe.  It will be gravel that will be exported.  Wood Pellets will be exported to go, to be mixed with Coal Plants in Europe and water.  And coming through will be stuff from ‘Target,’ and ‘Wal-Mart,’ going through Maine.  Going to Canada and going onto Chicago and Montréal.”


Q :  “Wow!  Now what about the alleged energy export that’s going on?  Because, Maine’s producing energy, but it’s getting exported to Southern New England States?”


A :  “Maine produces 30% more power than we use.  All the wind generations.  Almost all of the Industrial wind is going out of State, and none of it stays in state.  Except for Rollins, which is up in Lincoln.  So we’re all opposed to that too.  Because, that’s another corporate scam.  So it’s a lot.  We got: ‘Wind, Water, Wood, and Waste.’  Our four big issues.  We call it the ‘4 W campaign.’”  




Interview with Diane Messer.


Q :  “You were at yesterday’s protest at the Governor’s mansion correct?”


A :  “I was indeed.”


Q :  “And you got arrested?”


A :  “I did.”


Q :  “O.K., and what were you just saying about the permit process?”


A :  “We are being required to apply for a permit as an event at Capital Park, and the stipulation that Chief Russell Gauvin gave us is; ‘If you don’t apply for the permit, by the close of the business day, you are subject to being removed from the Park.”


Q :  “And that thing you just mentioned about, the tents and so-forth?”


A :  “Yeah.  Before the arrests yesterday, they were going to, out of the kindness of their heart, they were going to leave us/ allow us, to keep one tent, in the Park and operate during daylight hours.  Well, operations of the Park their stipulation for the even permit would be 6 a.m. to 10 p.m..  10 p.m. curfew, no overnight.  Now he says, ‘because of our behavior yesterday,’ that we are not going to be permitted even a tent.”


Q : “Wow!”


A :  “Just ‘Day-Use.’  6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and that’s all they are willing to allow us.”


Q :  “Now is it up to the Capital Security or Stephen McClausland up at the Department of, ah…”


A :  “Very good.  We tried to make that point.  Whose making the decisions and where the order’s coming from.  And he was…a bit evasive.  He said: My orders come from my Boss, the Chief of , I mean the…Ah…you know the guy’s name.  Sorry.  Don’t quote me on this part.  I’m trying to remember the guy’s name.”


Q :  “Steve McClausland?”


A :  “Steve McClausland.  Yes.  Said that his orders come from him, and only form him.  And, wouldn’t admit to any outside pressure on this.  But, there you go.  Before we were going to be allowed…they were willing to allow us a tent.  Now we’re only allowed to be given 6-10.  Well, of course, we not had any intentions of applying for an event.  We’re not an event.  We’re an assembly of First Amendment rights.  Of our First Amendment rights, so we’re staying put.  And we let them know, that today, we are applying for a temporary restraining order.  That’s basically drawing a line in the sand.  Saying, ‘Once we have this temporary restraining order, he won’t be able to touch us.’  So, my impression is that he would want to remove us, before a temporary restraining order was granted!  So, there you go.”


Q :  “O.K., and do you want to go more into detail about what happened yesterday at the Governor’s Mansion?”


A :  “Ah…well, basically we just…we were protesting our abridgment of our First Amendment rights.  We’re being told…we’re being treated in a frivolous manor, and I don’t mean physically frivolous.  I mean they’re requiring that we apply for an even and we be here for day use only.  That’s like telling us: ‘O.K…. instead of standing for your First Amendment rights, you can only be ‘an event.’  What’s ‘an event’?  I mean…the dog show’s have to get an events.  Bake Sales have to get events.  We’re not an event.  We are here to demand enforcement of our First Amendment rights, and we said all along, we have no intention of applying for permit.  And now he’s feeling pressured.  Obviously.  He’s not willing to even allow us the tent space.  If we are to not be there overnight, that would mean our property, unattended, unsecured, for day use only.  Leave our property unsecured, and return in the morning at 6.  To find what?  To find the stuff torn, vandalized, disappeared?  And say, ‘We don’t know anything about it.’  They’re not going to enforce protection for us.  So, they know very well, we’re going to stand our ground, and at that moment of ‘line in the sand,’ I guess.”


Q :  “How do you fell about Darryl Brown resigning today as the Department of…”


A :  “Darryl Brown?  Yeah.  (Signs.)  I think he was their henchman and he did his job and now he can go onto bigger and better things.”


Q :  “The request for temporary restraining order is being filed today.  In Federal court.  That would be Judge Woodcock, in Bangor.  I have no idea, how quickly that would be acted upon.  Weather, they have any time limitations, from the time it’s presented if they have to act.  I’m not aware of that aspect. So, as soon as the decision is made on the temporary restraining order, we would have protection to remain here.  Now there’s no guarantee we will be granted the temporary restraining order.  But there’s no reason to expect we won’t either.  So, presumably we could have possibly before the end of the business today, we could have word that they granted a temporary restraining order, and these guys wouldn’t be able to touch us.  But, that time limitation coming up for ‘butting heads,’ with each other, I think it’s going to be very interesting shortly after 5 p.m. here today.”


Q :  “Now with a permit, does that actually cost money every single day, or is it a free thing?”


A :  “Umm…I’m not aware of that.  See they don’t give us the regulations.  It says, ‘Pursuant to section 2904 of title 25 of the Maine revised status annotated and the rules promulgated there under, the undersigned applicant hereby requests a permit to engage in the activity described below.’  I don’t have a copy of that.  I have not read it, so I can’t say any further details beyond what I see on the page.  We are going to go and look that up.  Get a copy of it.  So we know exactly what it is they expect us to comply with, and what the requirements are to have this.  See, we’re challenging in here, the verbiage we have to look up; we’re challenging the requirement that we would even have to even have to get an event permit.  Because, we are not ‘an event.’  We are an assembly, for standing for our First Amendment right.  That does not come under the same category as having a bake sale, or having a dog show, or whatever.  You know?  It’s just an entirely different matter.  And I believe that the Federal judge, will well…obviously, well recognize that , and I have no reason to expect that he would not grant the temporary restraining order.  That just gives us some time, to pursue an injunction.  To prevent them from acting to remove us, or to require us to have ‘an event,’ permit.”


Q :  “ you have any closing statements about this?”


A :  “I would say that we are committed to the ‘Occupy,’ movement, and we are going to continue to defend our First Amendment rights and we’re not willing to compromise.”




Interview with Will Neils


Will :  “The idea that Darryl Brown was in any way qualified to participate in any sort of oversight of business is ridiculous.  For a man, whose whole career has been based on figuring out how businesses could get around state laws that protected things that the citizens have prioritized.  Obviously it’s probably best he returned to private enterprise.” 


Q :  “And what do you think of the proposed gas pipeline from the Juniper Ridge Landfill going down to U.M.O.?”


A :  “I think that’s totally and absolutely ridiculous.  And I think it was totally and absolutely misrepresented to the local community there.  There was no input.  There was no opportunity for the communities which are going to be affected, by both the landfill and the repercussions of  that, and it’s new added capacity needs to generate said gas; or the people where the pipeline is going to go.  It’s just very disingenuous for any of these people to claim that they have the citizens interest at heart, when they behave in the fashions that they have behaved and when they totally and absolutely attempt to override the voice of the local communities in question.”


Q :  “Now are you aware that Patricia Aho, 22 years ago was an ‘attack dog lawyer,’ for Pierce Atwood, when she was fighting for the Township 30 dump landfill?  In which the business had 3 ½ Million dollars and the people of Washington County and Nancy Oden had like $75,000 that they used to beat back the dump?”


A :  “Oh yeah.  Those are the old fights back in the day.  I’ve heard about those.  I wasn’t there.  I mean, Pat Aho she’s just been a total tool of business for a long time and so many of us were slightly surprised when she was appointed.  But it’s only slight.  The fact that LePage almost exclusively appointed representatives from business to be Commissioners of different posts is unfortunately not that surprising, because it was so consistently across the board.”



Interview with Randall Libby- The Kennebec County Sheriff.


Q :  “What did you think of the tour you just took of the ‘Occupy Augusta,’ campsite in Capital Park?”


A :  “Yeah, very important that these folks are committed to their cause and it’s important they have the right to assemble peacefully.  And these people are very committed I think.  Their voices should be heard and obviously the conditions aren’t easy out here, and I commend them for their commitment to their cause.”


Q :  “Do you know about any of the issues they are protesting?  Like the expansion of the landfill up at Juniper Ridge and the…”


A :  “No, is ah…nope, I really don’t.  I know generally their issues and I know there many issues they are concerned with.  ‘Capitalism and Materialism,’ and all that.  I commend them for their commitment.”


Q :  “Now was your office busy yesterday when these arrests took place?”


A :  “We had nine arrests.  So my staff assisted in the transportation and the initial bailing and processing of these individuals and they went pretty smoothly.  They were all conducting themselves as gentlemen and ladies and it was no trouble.”




According to Servin Belivous personal secretary, Servin has “No comment,” on making campaign contributions to both the Republican and Democratic parties.



In Part Two B Nancy Oden made a statement and below it is the response from the company in question.  I had done an over the phone interview,  However, due to a poor ear speaker it was disrupted with static that made transcribing from a tape impossible.  Scott's statements were pretty much exactly how the conversation went.   


Nancy Oden quote:


 Dioxin.  Because it’s here, in the Coastal waters and that comes from the Paper Mill.  And now it’s just a Pulp Mill…Owned by the Chinese, up in Baileyville in Washington County.  All they do is chop down the Maine woods and the nearby New Brunswick wood, and chop it up into pulp and they use Chlorine based chemicals in the process to bleach it, and then ship it out of the Port of East Port to China.  So, that’s what’s happening to our woods.






Hi Doug.

I got your VM when I got back from my meeting. Ill try the e-mail approach in responding.

Thank you for your inquiry about our bleaching process and allow me the opportunity to provide you with some facts about how we bleach pulp at our mill. No matter how much others may want to cling to the belief that we bleach our pulp with dioxin, the notion is utterly ridiculous, beyond the absurd really.

The fact is Doug that our mill spent $22,000,000 in 1997 and 1998 to install what was then (and remains so today) state-of-the-art bleaching technology. We employ 100% elemental chlorine free (ECF) bleaching technology. We use chlorine dioxide and sodium hydroxide as our bleaching agents with along with some hydrogen peroxide. Our wastewater effluent has historically been non-detect for dioxin.

Also, test results from fish collected below our mill over the years have also come back as non-detect for dioxin in every case. Enough data was collected with these results, that the DEP discontinued the requirement for us to test the fish for these compounds. As you may know, the U.S. EPAs cluster rule requires this level of control and monitoring of the effluent stream from our bleach plant within the mill complex. They waste streams are set up, as with all mills that employs this process and bleaching technology, to be so monitored.

Thank you for having the interest to get the facts for your readers benefit.

Scott Beal

Environmental, Health and Safety Manager

Woodland Pulp LLC


Doug Papa is the owner of

Music Trade Magazine .com