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Occupy Augusta Interviews part 1 - Posted Nov 2nd, 2011

This is part one of the Occupation of Augusta inspired by the occupation of Wall Street. In this installment I Interviewed a number of people well over two weeks’ time frame. A few was at the actual occupation site at Capital Park across the street from the Maine State House. This is the interviews in their own words.

Interview Paul McCarrier, representing Occupy Augusta. (The reason why people are here is because of discontent with Government, Social, Political and Economic issues.)

Q : "Would you say the Governments revolving door policy with J.P. Morgan and the Fed (Federal Reserve.)
is a concern why people are here?"

A : "It's more Preti and Flaherty, Eaton Peabody, Pierce Atwood , Tardy Mitchell, local Manifestations of J.P. Morgan directly connected with lobbying and state contracts and stuff."

Q : "What is it that these groups do that trigger protests?"

A : "These groups are not exclusively why we are here, reasons why some of the people are here. Some of these groups are the embodiment of blatant corruption."

Q : "When you say 'blatant corruption,' can you go more into detail?"

A : "It's pacifically… A great example is the out of state trash. That is being sent to our landfills. Because, they gave Casella waste management and a company called Waste Management they hired these law firms to allow out of state trash to come to our landfills and burn their trash at our incinerators to pollute our air. That's a good simple way of looking at it."

Q : "Basically your have these people from our of state lobbying to either make laws for profit or use lobbying to use our resources for their dumping grounds from these two examples."

A : "That's a great way of putting it. Having Maine as a resource colony. they just replaced this huge 245,000 Volt sub-station in Benton, with a like 120,000 Volt...I'm not sure of the number of volts. They are claiming Maine isn't producing enough energy. They are claiming Maine is not making enough energy in the Legislator. They are replacing a sub-station with one that uses less power. they are not using that much power, because there are no jobs that are using the power. In Benton, I'm not sure if that substation covers 3 or 4 Counties."

(At this point I am at a chart of, “The Points of Unity.”)

Paul : "It's a digression of our points of unity. That's something we all agree with."

Q : "When you say 'we all,' what are some of the other groups that are represented here?"

A : I don't know if there are groups, but there are individuals; but they put those alliances aside for our points of unity. If they are part of a group they put that membership aside for the 'Occupy of Augusta.'"

Copy of the Points of Unity:

- Think globally, Act locally.

- People before profit.

- Diversity of tactics.

- Power Structure in Government does not serve the people.

- Accountability for appointed and elected officials.

- The intent of the Constitution has been perverted by elected and appointed officials.

- Inequality within society. Seek equality in society/ strive for an equal society.

Paul : "Yesterday 2 young guys whom enlisted as Marines came down. They heard on National Talk radio, some negative stuff about occupy Wall Street. They came down to check it out. There was some disagreements we discussed after the General Assembly. But we discussed them in a Civil manor. Even though they wouldn't join us in protesting, they support us, in turning this State and Country around. They donated some medical supplies and some warm camping gear.

At this point I was shown a list of "who's here." This is volunteer duties for individuals at the camp site:

Hospitality - see kitchen

Work group people



Financial ( I actually saw someone hand over three folded bills as a donation. With the top one being $20.)



Direct Action

Creative Art ( Sign making and etc..)


Police Liaison



Paul : " So we make sure no one cracks a beer. If they do, we tell them 'that's inappropriate.' So Capital Police doesn't get involved. At the General Assembly meetings, we discuss consensus based decision making. there's the Facilitator and co- facilitator, note keeper and time keeper. We also have a 'vibes watcher.' If we have a lot of Angry back and forth talk. They tell them the discussion is “getting heated,” so we take a break. Someone makes a proposal we test for consensus. Are there any concerns for the group? If there are no concerns, consensus is achieved. Like everyone literally has to agree. If there is a concern, we go to discussion. From that discussion we go to modify the proposal, then we test for consensus again."

Q : "What are some of the things you folks talk about?"

A : "Talking with the media, to keep the kitchen organized, work groups. When you get 50 people here you need the semantics of wording for points of unity."

Q : " My big question is: are there enough people with Arctic gear to continue onto colder weather?"

A : "I think so. We are having anywhere between 30-50 people spend the night since the beginning. but we are definitely preparing for the long haul."

Q : "Winter time?"

A : " Yeah. People want to stay here at least until the Legislative opens in January."

Q : "Wow! So you folks are preparing for frostbite weather?"

A : "At this point."

We then turned back to talk about the trash issue.

Paul: "They fined small municipals, because they didn't send them enough trash to burn."

We then look at a piece of Legislation passed last session:
L.D. 1567 Resolve, to Authorize the state to purchase a landfill in the town of East Millinocket.

Paul : " The state couldn't purchase the land under statue, but, Preti and Flaherty adjusted it so Brookfield asset management donated the land...the Dolby Sludge dump pacifically...that serviced the East Millinocket Mills. The State Assumed huge liability of a Century old sludge dump that costs millions of dollars per year to maintain. Same thing they did in Old Town in 2003, with the promise of Mill jobs which are now not there. Instead of Mill jobs, there's out of state trash filling that dump in Old Town."

Q : "Does the state have to maintain it?"

A : "The State has to maintain the Dolby landfill in Millinocket on Dolby Pond, because that's where they used to put land fills...right next to bodies of water. Millinocket and East Millinocket Mills. Which are Allegedly suppose to re-open/ start soon."

Q : "They can't put out of state trash in their landfill, so they dump it in Old Town."

A : "In Old Town, they the legislative body, Baldacci (The previous Maine Governor.) I think was the real pusher on that. The State bought it and gave the contract to Vermont based Casella Waste Management. Now Casella takes all the waste not allowed or too expensive to dump in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut...I pretty much say they are trucking in States around New England. Example, not real numbers, $1,000 to dump in Massachusetts equals $300 to dump in Maine. New England is not taking care of its own trash. Most of it is coming to Maine. A lot of other people in news organizations haven't covered this trash issue."

Q : "So if I went up to them to talk to them about the trash issues..."  

A : " What they will probably claim is that it's in State trash because it's processed here."

Q : "Without admitting that other trash is coming from other New England States."

A : "Right. They will reclassify it by processing it here. Quote: 'because that's in state trash.' Legal sleight of hand. 'There's a statute against out of state trash.'"

Q : "What's the 'processing' they do?"

A : "I'm not sure what the 'processing,' is. they just claim it's processing. It's a slight of hand. So, I could look you straight in the face, and say: 'we are only processing in state trash,' and claim it's not out of state trash. If we say there's a trash from New Jersey...They can show a statue saying it's not out of state trash because it's been processed in Maine. Like Government saying: "This is not a tax. This is not a tax. Now give me the money!"

Q: "Basically because there is a State statue saying we can't accept out of State trash, even if there was trash coming from out of state, they say it's not from out of state...because that would be illegal. Even as dump trucks coming in from New Jersey. So if it comes from the company managing the dump, they have to say it all came from here."

A: " Yeah. You pretty much got it and you’re looking at this in depth. So when people get involved we get them up to speed on what has taken place politically over the last 6-7 years."

At this point the interview has to end due to an A.M. General Assembly meeting. There will be more interviews from the Occupation of Augusta in the future. (I personally already have my Arctic gear ready for these interviews.) As well as, other interviews related to this. Paul gave me a copy of a newspaper article confirming how Towns were fined for sending too little trash to PERC plant. According to the information: "Forty-five towns will share in nearly $100,000 in penalties this year for failing to produce and ship their contracted solid waste amounts to the company." Another paper stated Out of State waste imported by companies such as Casella, is burned in incinerators to sell electricity to the southern New England grid. Burning this waste releases dioxin and heavy metal into air & water, and since it's called "biomass," these companies get "renewable energy credits' subsidized by electric bills and taxpayers dollars. the power line expansion will allow more waste to be burned to sell electricity to Massachusetts and beyond at the expense of our health. Another pamphlet stated Biomass incinerators release hundreds more pounds of Carbon Dioxide per hour than Coal burning Plants. Public lands are being unsustainably clear-cut to provide much of the wood burned in biomass incinerators. Incinerators pull hundreds of gallons of water a minute from the Public water supply for cooling. 

Interview with Charlie Webster Chairperson of the Maine Republican Party.

Q : "What do you think about the occupation of Wall-Street and the Occupation of Augusta happening at the Capital Park across from the State House?" (Note to readers: Three buildings down from the Republican headquarters is Capital Park.)

A : " I would feel that this group represents 20 - 25 percent of the population. It doesn't represent the views of regular working people. Which is where I come from. I'm in the Plumbing and Heating business. As Chairman of the party, we focus on what's important to regular people. Particularly blue collar workers and this group appears to be the fringe of the Democratic Party. And I don't think they represent anyone but a small percentage of the population. That's what I think. I've watched some of this on television. I've seen some of the tents. It just seems to me that's it's strange that the things the people are arguing for seem to be extreme to me. Most of the people I know, are struggling, to get by but they understand; they want to get ahead by working. As far as I'm concerned, there is no big support for what they are doing. And I think it's odd to watch. that's all I got to say about it."

Q : "Well, they did ah...I talked to the people over at the occupation at the Capital Park and so forth. And believe it or not...the only...the main thing that they basically wanted to talk about was a Vermont firm whom is trucking in trash from all over New England and New Jersey and New York into a place in Millinocket/ East Millinocket. Even though there is a state statue saying you can't accept trash from other states into Maine. They are trucking the trash in. And saying it's been ‘processed in Maine,’ even though you can see New Jersey trucks coming in and so forth. So they really didn't want to talk much about any other issues. They just stuck right on that trash issue. I’m thinking "Why is this so important?' and so forth. I guess they have at least one issue, but then I don't know all the details. I have to go tomorrow and get their on it to make some progress."

A : "Yeah. I don't anything about that at all. You know, I mean... from what I have seen this is some people whom are glorifying the 60's, who you know want to protest. It isn't really about how they are going to somehow improve Maine's job climate/ business climate, so people can have a job and live in their homes. It's a bunch of people who are left of center. Probably main stream for the Democrats, but left of center for most of the people in Maine. And They're protesting whatever the flavor of the day is. I don't know anything about this trash thing."

Q : "I don't either. I don't either. It's just something down there (at the protest) they were talking about."

A : "And it's odd, they would be talking about something we know nothing at all about."

Q : "Right. Right. Right and Ah, Yeah, Yeah. I know. I guess it's just I don't know anything of the details and so forth, until I get them confirmed. But they were sticking to a specific issue which was that. They didn't talk about monetary issues, the difference in Capitalism and Socialism. They didn't talk about any other issues except that one thing."  

Will Neils and Hillary Lister Interview at the Occupy Augusta protest in Capital Park across from the State House.

Will : "The biggest challenge we had is the collusion of main stream environmental groups, waste management and politicians on the committee that reformed that. It's so heart breaking to watch the people that have been effected by the dump and expect the legislative to be defending the families and community; only to find, that the waste cash has been spent and only the politicians voice speak for the companies.  Hillary Lister chained herself to the banister and refused to leave, because they refused to grant a public hearing on the Bill. They resurrected the Bill at end of session to make it legal to burn solid construction waste, because at the last minute they said no time for public hearing. They did swap 150 20 people."

Hillary: "30 people stayed. 30 something people voted against the Bill in April 2005. They did pass it. Pushed by the  Lobbyists for 'GenPower.' They wanted to build a construction waste incinerator in Athens. The way we found out was Bob Baldacci, Then Governor Baldacci's brother came in and said they wanted to re-zone to provide tax incentive for this. He said it was a bio-mass boiler not to cause pollution. It was for the Pine Tree Zone. He claimed it was entirely 'green.' They wouldn't allow this thing, because, "this isn't Boston," he said. He said there only is 1 week notice on this Pine Tree Zone because it was the last quarter for towns to apply for Pine Tree Zone. He kept talking: 'My brother's Pine Tree Zones.' That night, he required an answer from the Selectmen. Only afterwards, people found out that it was going to burn 100% construction waste. At the meeting it was going to be 'bio-mass' boon for woodlot's. At one point it was downplayed, that it was only going to burn 25% construction waste. It was only after that vote, the people saw what the application for this project became public."

Q : "Do you still live in Athens?"

A : "Yes. Athens already had a Bio-Mass incinerator, originally built to burn wood for energy. Unbeknownst, other than a few guys, guys had to go into the incinerator and clean the 'clinkers." Basically cemented material that would build up because they were material with significant plastic, like PVC Piping and vinyl. Other than the people that worked there, the people in the town were never informed it was going to burn construction waste. It was a minor amendment to their air admission. No public hearing, just a notice in the legal section in the classified ads. The fuel pile of over 10 acres caught fire. It was internal combustion. Burning construction debris, the stockpile got so big because they didn't need to stockpile wood. the area is surrounded by wood up there. That it smoldered for 6 weeks. The local fire department didn't have the equipment to deal with this. The people in charge of reporting the fire to the D.E.P., were the same people burning debris, so it didn't get reported for 2-3 weeks. The way people found out, was people going to hospitals, dead birds, and less than 2 miles for there the school shut down recess. My friend Doug’s' son developed asthma and still has it to this day and other people got heart conditions and breathing conditions that they still have to this day. It finally did get shut down. They got rid of old one, stopped new one, now it's "pellet-plant." Just makes wood pellets. That was the key piece to what they claimed would save jobs at the Georgia-Pacific Mill in Old Town, was to move an incinerator up there. They said it was necessary to burn construction debris even though it wasn't designed to do, so to burn construction waste, claim it was "green," it was only possible thru renewable energy credits. And Legislation they pushed thru as an emergency Bill to save jobs in Old Town, which most of the jobs are now gone.
The other piece is, Casella Waste Management systems had been given the contract to operate State dump in Old Town, former Georgia-Pacific sludge dump. Part of other way to save jobs, the state needed to buy Georgia-Pacific sludge dump, because they said a new buyer wouldn't want the liability. They gave it to State Planning office. Primary thing State Planning office does is run the dump with Casella. State owned dump, but Casella got contract to operate it. So when Casella operated it, it filled rapidly with out of State Construction Debris primarily. Casella started off trucking construction and demolition debris. Started dumps in Vermont and New Hampshire, but Maine is biggest one. Around the same time they got the contract, most other New England States were banning dumping and burning construction waste. The Governor of New Hampshire said basically, “New Hampshire doesn't want to end up with the same problems that Maine is having.”
Most recent piece was the rapidly reaching capacity for what they are permitted to have there. So they put in an application to triple the amount of waste they can have at the dump. The other reason it's filling up so quickly, is because, they were suppose to only put in the dump the ash from the construction waste, which is toxic by itself, but doesn't take up so much space. But the burner can't handle burning construction debris, because it wasn't build for that. They finally stopped burning construction debris after a big cloud of soot, gunked up, releases cloud into neighboring town of Bradley , which is directly across the river form the Mill. People's dog's died. 2 Dogs died right after that. the State claimed the soot wasn't toxic. But Penobscot nation, conducted their own tests, because it rained down on Indian Island, which is also right by the burner. (She thinks it was 2006.) And found high concentrations of primary lead and other toxins. In the Air in samples of soot they collected."

Interview with Diane Messer.

Q : "You say you're following the hearings at the State House about the Dump at Dolby Landfill #2 at the paper mill at Millinocket or East Millinocket, not sure which one, between the two towns owned by the paper mill."

A : "The Former owners were Brookfield. Same guy Richard Clark own Zuccotti Park, where the Occupation of Wall Street is taking place. Was called Liberty park, I could be mistaken, before the Zuccotti, their C.E.O. is Richard Clark. Do you remember the challenge Mayor Bloomberg made for the sanitation? They got more people in, and the Mayor backed down. They were going to evict all of them to claim to clean the park. Possible a roost but, called in supporters in mass to begin cleaning or were finished cleaning at that point, obviously didn't evict them."

Q : "Basically, from the hearing what information have you gathered that you would like to share?"

A : "The landfill was a hindrance to purchasers, the current owners were unwilling to continue their ownership of the paper mill. They threatened to ‘scrap’ paper mill if there were not a serious purchase contract in the works. Brookfield threatened to close Mill down. A buyer came in the nick of time. I do not know who the name of the buyer is. Millinocket and East Millinocket is in a severe Depression. Higher unemployment in Millinocket as their Mill shuttered down. East Millinocket Mill is on verge of shutting down, with a buyer promise for re-employment instead of scrapping it. Not left in place, could have been some possibility of someone else to buy it. Naomi Klein did a documentary. You can find it online. A country in South America had a factory close down, or the owner threatened to shut it down. Workers went in to take it over and ran it better. You can 'Google it.' If machinery were left in place, there is a possibility of workers to come in. Brookfield threatened to scrap all the equipment. There was a bill introduced this past session for the State to purchase the Dolby landfill from the Mill to entice the Buyers to buy the Landfill. Toxic waste been in there a long time. The state would have probably had to take it over. If there was no buyer, and it did go bankrupt, the State in all likely hood, would have gotten it. If the Katahdin paper mill went bankrupt, then who would be in charge of the toxic landfill? So the State felt a responsibility to purchase the land fill on multiple levels, to protection of Environmental reasons. Potential buyers had a concern. Various parties felt that if the State didn't purchase the Dolby Landfill the buyers would not have gone ahead of the purchase. The State was informed by potential purchasers, not verbatim, concerned about liability of the landfill wasn't taken out of the equation. The Bill is approved for the State to buy it. Not sure when the State will buy it. Not sure what the final closing date is."

Darryl Brown Interview

Q : "The things that I need to have clarified is that right now they are not burning any construction debris because a cloud of soot came out. Even though it was tested by the state it wasn't toxic. Right now, the construction waste is filling up the landfill. Is that correct or are you not familiar with the situation?"

A : "That's all information I'm not aware of. The landfill was used primary as the Mills in Millinocket and East Millinocket. As you know one of those Mills just started operation again. Which we are all very happy about. The only materials being taken in at the landfill right now are basic office materials and that sort of thing. The existing operation as it has been going over the past couple of days."

Q : "Did the State Planning Office have to purchase the land in order for that deal to go through?"

A : "The State Planning Office has taken Ownership of the Dolby Landfill."

Q : "From my understanding, Casella Waste Management system from Vermont is actually operating it?"

A : "No. No. I think your confusing this with the Juniper Ridge Landfill in Old Town."

Q : "O.K.. That's why I came in here, so I can get a confirmation. So whose actually operating the landfill?"

A : "The actual operation of mean the Millinocket Mill?"

Q : "Yes."

A : "We have a contract with Sevee Marrah engineers to co-ordinate the activities at the Dolby landfill. They have retained the services of a local engineering from in the Millinocket area, to provide those services."

Q : "And just for the record, you’re not familiar with the application process that's taking place on Tuesday?"

A : "I still think your confusing the two landfills."

Q : "O.K. O.K.."

A : " There is a meeting on Monday Night, (October 24th 2011.) Which is a public meeting in Orono being held at the 'Black Bear Inn,' to consider to take public comment on the benefit determination on the possible expansion of the Juniper Ridge Landfill, in Old Town. And I suspect that's what your referring to."

Q : "That's why I'm here to get my facts straight."

A : "Yeah. You probably need to do a little bit more research."

Q : "Yeah. Well, I was just across the street, ( At the occupy Augusta site.) and these guys were just throwing information at me left and right and so forth. So when they said Casella Waste Management Systems, Again they were probably talking about Old Town and I confused it with the landfill up in East Millinocket and so forth. Are you familiar with Casella Waste Management that's operating in Old Town?"

A : "Yes I am."

Q : "O.K. now. The other question I wanted to ask about that company is: There is a State Statue that says we cannot have other State's trash come into the State. It's right here." (Doug pulls our copy of Statue.)

A : "I am aware of that."

Q : "Now I guess there is a claim that ...Not from myself, but from the protestors...that Dolby is actually trucking in trash from other New England States, New York and New Jersey and Connecticut. I mean New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts and so forth. They are trucking in the trash that they are claiming that the trash is processed in Maine. And when I asked, 'what do you mean by processed in Maine?' They just, for legal reasons they have to say the trash is processed in Maine and so forth."

A : "Again, you have the two landfills confused. the only trash going to the Dolby landfill..."

Q : "No. I mean Old Town."

A : "The one in Old Town, o.k.. The State Statue that describes out of State Trash. Once trash enters the State, and is reprocessed, in other words, if it's sorted, if it's ground up, if the materials have been separated by classification of materials, then it's considered processed material and is then considered in State material. by Statue. That is in the Statue Now."

Q : "O.K.. So that means if someone form out of State comes in with Construction Debris and say some of it gets recycled, then it's considered as 'processed,' and it can go back up to the landfill in Old Town."

A: "That's right. And again, that's in accordance to the State Statue."

Interview with: “A reliable source to confirm their own opinions.”

Opinion: “ Pierce Atwood represented Castella. Preti and Flaherty represent Municipal Review Committee and P.E.R.C. – Penobscot Energy Recovery Company. A municipal incinerator company. Represents about 187 – 190 municipals. Those people may have issues with Castella’s expansion as well. P.E.R.C. takes ASH to the landfill. They worry about solid waste issue’s too, over at Preti and Flaherty. Castella basically take out of State Construction debris and they landfill it. Preti and Flaherty do represent Waste Management facility. The hierarchy is: reduce, reuse, compost, incinerate and landfill. First goes recycled. Then goes to landfill, people then get it burned, then extract to create energy then create ash. Working hard to municipal waste doesn’t get land filled. Folks want to make sure everyone involved get rid of waste the best they can. Can recycle and burn what you can’t recycle. Waste to energy. It’s not Preti and Flaherty’s issue with Construction Debris coming in from out of State. They want that land fill to have capacity. So when you fill it up with other stuff, Preti and Flaherty don’t want to fill it up with other stuff. As far as Millinocket. Preti and Flaherty represented Brookfield who owned the Mill. State felt like it had to save those jobs. The thing with Brookfield..the State was in an awful position. In Maine’s size of high schools, up there was a huge school. Two huge paper mills and everyone wanted to Graduate there. Get a job, buy a home, buy a camp and retire. Due to market issues they closed. Governor’s office wanted to save the mills. No one wanted to do anything with the landfills so the State stepped in.”

Both the offices of Preti and Flaherty and Piece Atwood had no official comments. Due to Client confidentiality this is respectfully understandable.

Second Interview with Paul Mc Carrier

Q : “Yeah, Preti and Flaherty is at odds with Casella filling up and asking for an expansion at the Old Town landfill with construction debris instead of Brookfields Ash.”

A : “Each of them want a monopoly on importing State waste.”

Q: “Do you have issues with P.E.R.C.?”

A : “Yes. They are burning trash just up the river from where I live. There has been an increase in cancer and other repertory illnesses.”

Second Interview with Hillary Lister

Q : “You were at the meeting last night at the ‘Black Bear Inn,’ right?”

A : “Yes.”

Q: “Did Casella’s waste system and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection representatives met in front of 200 area residents to discuss whether, the expansion would provide public benefits to the people of Maine?”

A : “There was over 200 parking spaces filled and was well over capacity. It doesn’t mean significant public benefit, just narrowly defined public benefit for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection Agency. There is 3 criteria people would speak of last night or anything else off topic like: ‘My Well is poisoned will this make it any worst?’ Someone actually said that. Malcolm Byrson who has been with this anytime anything unpopular has to go through him. He was the facilitator. Maine’s former Director of the Environmental Justice Program of Maine. I guess he isn’t anymore and he avoided acknowledgement of that. He was cutting people off. He was yelling at Ralph Coffeman. He kept threatening to have people removed from the room, but he never did.”

Q : “The plan would triple Juniper Ridges capacity from about 10 Million to 32 Million cubic yards according to Castella.”

A : “Yes. That’s out and so for the amount of land that would be doubling or a little bit more. It’s not only expanding out but also upwards.”

Q : “Was there any major comments about Castella bringing in out of State Construction waste?”

A : “That was the biggest thing. Also bringing in Bio-medical waste. They just started that a year and a half ago, when Hamden closed. They just amended that last year.”

Q : “So was the expansion trying to be sold as a buildup of residential waste from 300 communities? When in reality, it was the out of State construction debris being, “processed,” in places like K.T.I. bio-fuels in Lewiston; to then put in the Juniper Ridge landfill. In which over 90 percent of K.T.I.’s trash after ‘processing,’ comes from out of the State of Maine?”

A : “Yeap. That was very clearly brought up by the audience. They only acknowledged it after multiple people brought it up. Castella was saying it was Maine waste, but they were not clarifying it. It was their definition of Maine waste. By the definition as if it’s processed in Maine, it’s defined as Maine waste.”

Q : “What was the audiences reaction?”

A : “People were hollering out: “Liar!” That was when they first threatened to remove people.”

Q : “ So did people in the audience call for an audit of what sort of trash Casella takes in and where it comes from?”

A : “That was the most common thing called for by the audience. Before the State considers any sort of expansion.”

Q : “Was people getting shut off from that?”

A : “He did say at one point, “that point was addressed. People should move on. But they didn’t want to hear anything about the water and Wells being poisoned. He said: “That’s for the public process to discuss environmental impact. It’s not for the public meeting.” The public meeting, purely to public benefit, as determined and defined by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.”

Q : “What was your overall opinion about last night’s meeting?”

A : “People were unanimous against the expansion, or the public was. The only people in favor of it was Castella, the State Planning Office and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. They shouldn’t consider the expansion until the State comes up with a new solid waste plan. That’s what they said the end of last session, last Spring. They were suppose to come up with a solution.”

Democratic press release‏

Press Releases


Maine Senate and House Democratic leaders say "Occupy Wall Street" movement brings important message to Augusta

AUGUSTA – Senate and House Democratic Leaders Barry Hobbins, D-Saco, and Emily Cain, D-Orono, released the following statement in reaction to the Occupy Wall Street rally in Augusta today.

"Maine people and people across America are frustrated," said Senator Barry Hobbins, "They are frustrated with a political system and economic policies that help those at the very top at the expense of everyone else. While Occupy Wall Street might not have an organized list of demands, they are tapping into an idea that is very real to many people in our state. Democrats believe that is worth paying attention to."

Construction workers, state workers and community members gathered at the Statehouse today to demand that Wall Street pay its fair share instead of supporting cuts to vital programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Workers marched to the Federal Building to urge investment in building projects in our state.
"Democrats stand with working people in Maine," said Rep. Cain. "We hear their voices and we will bring their fight to Augusta. Anyone that has been hurt by the recession can relate to the economic injustice message from the Occupy Wall Street movement. It continues to gain traction because Americans are angry. While the rich get richer, opportunities for economic prosperity for the working and middle class are diminishing."

Interview with Mary Erin Casale. At the Maine Democratic Party Headquarters in Augusta.

Q : “ Do you have a comment on the big issue that the people are protesting at the ‘Occupation of Augusta’?”

A : “We don’t have a pacific comment on Brookfield asset Management. We’re focused on electing Democrats and holding Republican’s accountable. The ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ and ‘Occupy Maine,’ is focused on wealth inequality. We understand their frustrations, so that’s why as Democrats, we help create policies to help the middle class and working people.”



State of Maine Governor's Press Secretary Office, had no comment on the meeting that took place with the public, the State's Planning Office and Department of Environmental Protection, at the "Black Bear Inn."




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