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Obscure Magazine
Promoting Maine's Original Musicians & Songwriters
Vol.1 ISSUE 08
Page 2
Douglas Papa
What do you think could be done
to improve Maine's music scene?
Julie Contreras
There should be more performances, this way the musicians themselves will get better with the experience gained by more time on stage.
Doug - Is she trying to give us a hint folks?
Mike Tobias
music store owner
Get rid of the booking agents.
Doug - Maybe booking agents are the main reason bands don't get a chance to perform more.
Charlie Eaton
working man
Where does the average working guy with a family, take his wife and kids to a public show cheap?  Put together a concert of all local talent easily accessible, like one in Bangor, one in Augusta, and one in Portland.  Make it like a talent show on Sundays.  have the tickets so the average high school student can afford it.  Showcase Maine talent open to everybody not just one style of music.
Doug - Sounds like a great way for performers to gain experience.  Notice the word "cheap"?  Maybe the cost of tickets can be kept down if we don't let the booking agents get involved.
The $2 Man
Darryl S.
Many of the clubs in Maine are set up for one primary primary purpose; the consumption of alcohol.  The presentation of the band, both visually and acoustically is an afterthought.  They wind up stuck on a plywood box with a poor or no house sound system with a tiny dance floor, usually set up in front of the bands stage.  This means if you want to watch the performers you can't because of the dance floor.  If you're dancing to the music, often times the volume of the speakers are three feet away from you making it distracting from enjoying the music.
Doug - I'm sure bands would play for less if they they didn't have to carry their own P.A. speakers. (Ask Lyn Essex about Sugarloaf!)
grassroots activists
There should be more street musicians playing for tips.
Doug - I think that's a good tip myself!
Manny Mora
State Purchaser/Buyer
Have the D.J.s and radio managers promote local bands.  Create a time pocket so local bands can be introduced to people.  Local bands are like local businesses and commercial bands are like commercial businesses like Shop and Save.  Commercial bands will always get the airplay.
Doug - I'm glad we have intelligent people like Manny carefully investing our state's dollars, aren't you?
Subway Shop, night shift
We need a large recording studio to give local musicians a great deal on a package.
Doug - My bank account and I both heard that!
Mike O'Caireallian
Radio Shack
There's an unholy emphasis on new-age.  Self-consciousness designed for intellect cerebrum misfits who like repetitiveness.  There is a lack of venues and concert halls, no clubs to speak of (unless you go to Portland).  As it is clubs are dominated by country, air-head acid rock, covers and folk, and I think the media concentrates too much on this.
Doug - And my editors thought interviewing non-working musicians would be easy!
V. Collins
Forum A Community Arts Administrative Assistant
Communicate more with students in elementary grades through high school.  Encourage them to attend and participate at live performances at the local as well as regional level.
Doug - Music teachers in Maine could always use new students.