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Vol. 1 ISSUE 02 Sept. 1993 FREE! 
Page 3
Just a Note
By Douglas Papa
Augusta Music Lessons 
This word by my standards is short for: ( Copying Other Various Entertainers Recorded Songs. )  There are people in this group and there are original musicians, who do not take music lessons today or look at individual and band practicing as a part or full time job.  The late Beatle John Lennon said:  "It takes 100 hours worth of practice for 1 hour of show."  With this approach original bands will not have any problems filling up clubs with fanatic fans from their mailing lists and advertisements.
      Let's put C.O.V.E.R.S. back where they belong:  In the basement for beginner musicians to practice.  Any good musician can copy a  C.O.V.E.R.(S.).  The object of performing in the club circuit is to hypnotize every member in the audience with your technical, original style.  You cannot do this with C.O.V.E.R.S. because people hae already heard the song or seen it performed by the real band live before.  Let the music do the talking.
      There are copy C.O.V.E.R. bands in Maine who can't copy a song correctly.  I'm glad because they're not a threat, these bands are a joke to me.  I can copy a song like anyone else reading this can.  The difference is you can't copy my original style that i have developed through 10 years of music lessons.  I'm still taking lessons from one of the best music instructors in Maine, so when you do copy my style, next week I will be playing a more intense, increased, improved, original style.  I'll see all of you musicians at a open mike night in the future!